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HOTH X is our managed SEO service where our experts create the perfect strategy based on your goals. Below is a detailed layout of what you can expect once you start.

First, we start off by targeting your “easy wins”

Eas•y Wins
(n.) Keywords you are currently ranking for, just not at the top. By optimizing these keywords & pages, you can get quicker traffic boosts!

If we're starting off with a new site that doesn't have any current rankings, we'll still perform keyword research and create a plan to start building right from the beginning!

Then, we will use our in-depth Keyword Gap Analysis to find highly valuable keywords you're NOT yet targeting.

Keyword Gap Analysis

We will reveal all the keywords your competitors are ranking for that you're missing out on. This shows you which new keywords you should target with content on your website.

Month after month , we'll continue this process by building high-quality links and content to your site, increasing your targeted traffic!

HOTH X Month to Month

Here's what's going to happen next:

  • Campaign Research
    Campaign Research

    Right now, your dedicated HOTH X Team is researching your campaign. We're finding your “easy wins” keywords, as well as performing an in-depth keyword gap analysis to find tons of awesome keyword opportunities for your content strategy.

  • Program Onboarding
    Program Onboarding

    When the research is completed, you will receive an email notification asking you to book an onboarding call so we can review the campaign with you and answer any questions!

  • Order Approval
    Order Approval

    After we complete the onboarding call, we will push the first round of orders to your portal for your approval.You will also have the option to reject your inputs if you would like to shift your focus.

    Please keep in mind that we will automatically approve your orders for you ten days after submission to ensure that your campaign stays on track!

  • Campaign Start
    Campaign Start

    After you approve your orders in your order portal, the campaign will begin and we'll start building links and content!

Every month our experts will choose the optimal packages for your website

You will have the opportunity to book a review call with your HOTH X Campaign Manager each month to personally review your campaign.


Because good SEO takes time, it may be 30 days to receive all your reports for your first month's progress, depending on how quickly you approve your orders.

HOTH X Research Time

Expect to start seeing results in 4 to 6 months after the campaign begins

We encourage everyone on HOTH X to give us at least 4 months of work, as Google takes time to crawl the results and make changes.

A recent report by Moz indicated that it can take up to 10 weeks for links to start taking effect, so patience is key!

You have full control

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time by visiting your dashboard. No contracts here! You can make any changes to your scheduled orders tab here!

Any questions or issues? Let us know.