WhatsApp Web Beta Introduces New Text Formatting Options

WhatsApp, one of the world’s leading messaging platforms, is set to revolutionize the way users communicate on its web version. The beta release of WhatsApp Web has unveiled exciting new text formatting options, allowing users to go beyond traditional messaging styles. These additions are currently in the testing phase, available in the 2.2350 version of the Beta platform.

Evolution of Text Editing

The journey began with WhatsApp testing three distinct text editing features on its desktop version before expanding the development to the Android app. The recent inclusion in the Beta version for web browsers indicates a potential imminent release to the general public in the coming weeks.

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Formatting Transformations

The newly tested formatting options include:

  1. Code Block: Tailored for programmers, this feature allows the highlighting of code lines within messages. Activated by the backtick character (), it proves to be an ideal tool for coding-related discussions. For example:apt get install firefox`.

  2. Quotation: Providing a dedicated space to emphasize a mention or specific excerpt, the quotation feature is initiated by typing the greater-than character (>). This proves valuable in emphasizing particular information in a conversation.

  3. Lists: Facilitating organized communication, this feature enables the formatting of text into numbered or bulleted lists. Users can activate it using hyphens (-), asterisks (*), or the number one followed by a period (1.).

Practical Applications

These new options offer versatility for individuals sharing work-related content through WhatsApp or managing channels. For instance, a channel focused on programming or Linux tips can greatly benefit from the code block feature. On the other hand, spaces dedicated to news can effectively highlight key phrases using the quotation tool.

It is important to note that WhatsApp already provides users with options to personalize text by making it bold, italic, underlined, or monospaced, both on the web and in PC and mobile applications.

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Currently in Testing

As of now, these text formatting options features are exclusively available to subscribers of the WhatsApp Beta version. The next steps will involve further testing phases before the release for the general user base. Users are advised to keep their messenger application updated to ensure timely access to these exciting innovations.

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