Every agency needs a suite of amazing tools to help run their business efficiently and smoothly, whether it’s dealing with clients, keeping things organized internally, or outsourcing parts of production. We put together this list of awesome tools you can use to help run your agency.

If you have any more that you’d like to see or you love, just drop a note in the comments.

Thanks to all our amazing contributors (all credited at the bottom!).

Here we go!

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Client Meeting Scheduling & Software

  • Schedule Once – Tired of trying to find a meeting time? Just send your lead a link and they can schedule a meeting with you. Hooks up to your calendar and auto blocks times that you’re not available. Also sets up reminders and emails the attendees.
  • Calendly – Great little app similar to scheduleonce, great clean interface.
  • Fuze – Great video collaboration tool.
  • Skype – We use it every day.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software)

Customer Support

  • Groovehq – Fantastic customer support software. From the customers end, there are no extra “ticket numbers” or new logins. From the support end, there are tons of backend features like private notes, multiple agents on 1 ticket, ticket assignments, all in a super clean interface.
  • Olark – Live Chat software.

Client Reporting

  • Raven Tools – Good for generating large amounts of data together for clients and giving them their own log in to track campaigns. Can do on-site audits on the fly, track links and rankings, and more!
  • Fresh Metrix – Great rank tracker with lots of features.
  • SerpFox – Great, clean rank tracker with localization, groups, and automatic reporting.
  • Authority Labs – Great rank tracker with an API.

Internal Project Management

  • Basecamp – What we use here + an industry standard for team project management. Couldn’t live without it.
  • Asana – A newcomer onto the scene. Very sleek project managment.
  • Teamwork – More project management software.
  • Float Schedule – Team / resource scheduling made easy.
  • Bright Pod – Project management software for marketers.
  • Trello – Easy project management.

Internal Team Communication & Sharing

  • HipChat – Sweet chat app that has screen sharing, video, audio + lots of integrations for keeping the team connected.
  • Slack – Communication in one place for teams.
  • Dropbox – Dare I say the BEST online storage / file sharing service? I use this personally and professionally. Put your files in the cloud, easily share with clients and keep backups of everything important (including automatic version history + restore if something gets accidentally deleted!)
  • Snagit – Great little tool for capturing video & sharing.
  • Screenflow – Great screen recording tool for Mac.

Internal Employee Time Tracking


  • Freshbooks – Fantastic invoicing / time tracking / bookeeping app.
  • Bench – Bookkeeping services for your business.
  • WaveApps – Free Invoicing.

Other Cool Tools

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