Google Trials Introduction of AI-Generated Images and Text Drafts in Search Results

Google is exploring innovative ways to enhance the search experience by introducing AI-generated images and text drafts directly into search results. The tech giant recently initiated tests of a new feature aimed at offering users a more interactive and creative search experience.

In its ongoing quest to refine the search experience, Google is now incorporating generative AI capabilities into its search results. The goal is to provide results that not only meet user needs but also bring their ideas to life.

According to Google’s official statement on its blog, the company has introduced the option to create images for search results through its Generative Search Experience (SGE) powered by AI. This feature aims to assist users who are seeking a specific image but can’t quite find what they have in mind.

To generate AI-generated images in Google search results, users need to input a brief description of the desired image in the search bar. In response, the SGE will generate four different images based on the input data. Users can further customize these images by selecting the ‘Edit’ option, enabling them to modify elements like the background or surroundings to match their vision.

Google is also testing a feature that allows users to create AI-generated images directly from the Google Images tab. This tool, designed to inspire users, appears when searching for topics such as room decoration. By clicking on the ‘Create something new’ option among the image results, users can access additional AI-generated images that may spark their creativity.

Emphasizing the importance of responsible AI image generation, Google has taken measures to ensure that this feature adheres to their policy of prohibited use of generative AI. This policy prevents the creation of harmful, violent, or misleading content. Safety measures include the addition of metadata tags and watermarks on SGE-generated images to indicate that they are AI-created. Additionally, Google will soon introduce an ‘About this image’ tool to provide context, helping users distinguish between real and AI-generated images.

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AI-Powered Text Drafts

In addition to AI-generated images, Google is also testing a feature that generates text drafts in search results using SGE. This innovation is aimed at simplifying lengthy research tasks and providing inspiration for text writing.

This feature is designed to assist users with extensive research queries that typically require browsing through numerous pages and informative texts. The generated draft results are intended to offer inspiration and guidance on how to initiate writing on a specific topic.

Users have the flexibility to customize the text draft by adjusting its tone, making it more informal or concise. These drafts can also be easily exported to Google Docs or Gmail for further editing and refinement.

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For now, the ability to generate images in search results and AI-powered text drafts is available in English for users participating in the SGE experiment in the United States who are of legal age.

Google is committed to continuously improving the search experience and ensuring that AI-powered features are utilized responsibly. As these features evolve, they have the potential to transform how users interact with search results, offering a more dynamic and creative approach to information discovery.

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