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WhatsApp, the leading instant messaging app, continually introduces new features to enhance user experience, taking it to the next level. The latest addition is a feature that allows users to view contact profiles directly within the chat window. Currently, this application displays contact profile information in the chat window as a new feature. With this, you can view names, statuses, and profile pictures without opening the chat info screen.

If the individuals have configured their last seen privacy settings, you can also see their last seen status. This feature makes it quick and easy to access new updates on other contacts’ profile information without navigating through multiple screens.

According to information from WhatsApp Beta Info, the Profile Info – Chat Screen feature is currently in the development stage. It is available in the latest Android WhatsApp Beta version on the Google Play Store. Many users have eagerly requested this feature, and WhatsApp has responded by actively working on its implementation, as reported on the WhatsApp Beta Info website.

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Benefits of the Feature

By displaying profile information in the chat window, WhatsApp aims to provide users with more convenience and immediate access to interactive and relevant content. For example, clicking on a profile picture in full-screen mode or quickly viewing an updated status becomes more accessible with just a click.

Users can copy profile information or share it with others by long-pressing on the displayed details. Additionally, a screenshot of the profile information can be taken, including a conversation or an open chat, offering a convenient way to save or share relevant information.

Another Noteworthy Feature

WhatsApp is also working on another feature that will allow users to request reviews for suspended channels. This capability will enable sending messages to a large number of people through channels. In some instances, if a channel violates WhatsApp rules, it may be suspended. Review requests will be crucial for safeguarding channels in the future. By actively obtaining reviews, channels can maintain vigilance and adhere to WhatsApp’s rules, ensuring the preservation of these valuable communication channels.

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As WhatsApp continues to evolve, these new features promise to make the user experience more efficient and streamlined. The ability to view contact profiles directly in the chat window adds a layer of convenience, allowing users to stay connected and updated with minimal effort.

Additionally, the upcoming feature for suspended channel reviews reflects WhatsApp’s commitment to maintaining a secure and rule-abiding platform for its users. Stay tuned for these exciting updates as WhatsApp continues to roll out improvements and enhancements.

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X Platform Re-introduces Exciting Feature: A Look at What’s Changed https://www.techspurblog.com/x-platform-re-introduces-exciting-feature/ https://www.techspurblog.com/x-platform-re-introduces-exciting-feature/#respond Fri, 24 Nov 2023 13:39:35 +0000 https://www.techspurblog.com/?p=8688 In a recent update, the

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In a recent update, the X platform, spearheaded by Elon Musk, has rolled out several new features to its micro-blogging platform, X. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new and improved.

Headline Makeover: Out with the Old, In with the Link Previews

One significant change involves the removal of headlines from existing features. Specifically, X has decided to eliminate headlines from link previews for iOS and web users. This decision, implemented from October 2023 onwards, means that users will now see only images in the link preview, along with the site’s domain name at the bottom. Titles or headlines will no longer be visible. Musk announced this decision to bring a fresh perspective to user experience.

According to Musk, this change was made to encourage users to focus on the content rather than being influenced by catchy headlines. Users can now revisit the older format if they prefer, as X has provided an option to toggle this feature. Elon Musk shared this information to keep the user base informed about the platform’s evolving design.

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News Headlines Reappear in Link Previews

The decision to bring back headlines in link previews received positive feedback from users. This change allows users to see headlines directly in the preview, including the image, making it easier to comprehend the content. To enhance readability, the title now appears below the image. Musk emphasized that this adjustment aims to encourage users to engage more actively with the content, particularly by clicking on links that interest them.

Improved Image Visibility for Titles

To further improve user engagement, X has made changes to the visual presentation of link titles. The title now appears prominently over a portion of the image, making it easily readable. This modification applies to iOS apps and the web version of X. Musk revealed that this alteration is designed to make titles more visible and encourage users to explore content without relying solely on headlines.

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Other Notable Updates

In addition to the headline-related changes, X has introduced a feature that allows users to deactivate inactive usernames, enabling users to buy or sell usernames in the marketplace. The X team has set the price for certain usernames up to $50,000. This move is aimed at fostering a dynamic and engaged user community.

Moreover, X has added two new subscription tiers for users. The Premium+ tier, priced at $16 per month, offers access to all X tools and features. Subscribers to this tier will no longer see ads in feeds or posts. For web browser users, a limited-access subscription option is available for a seamless experience.

With these recent updates, X continues to evolve its platform, offering users more control and enhancing their overall experience. As always, Elon Musk remains at the forefront of these changes, ensuring that X remains a dynamic and user-friendly platform for all

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Instagram Update: Direct Reels download now available on the app https://www.techspurblog.com/instagram-reels-download-now-available-on-the-app/ https://www.techspurblog.com/instagram-reels-download-now-available-on-the-app/#respond Fri, 24 Nov 2023 12:01:52 +0000 https://www.techspurblog.com/?p=8685 Instagram has brought some good

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Instagram has brought some good news for its users. Until now, users had to rely on third-party apps to download Reels from Instagram. However, Instagram has now introduced the much-awaited feature of directly downloading Reels from the app itself.

From now on, the need for third-party applications to download Reels is eliminated, thanks to Instagram’s latest update. A new download tab has been added to the interface, allowing users to directly download all videos. This new feature adds an extra layer of convenience for content creators and consumers alike. Let’s take a closer look at this exciting update.

Instagram Good News to Download Reels

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, announced this new update through the official brand’s broadcast channel. Users can now download Reels directly from the app, a feature that was initially available for US users but has now been expanded globally.

This update was initially rolled out to US users in June, and now, users worldwide can take advantage of this feature. It’s a positive move from Instagram to enhance the user experience for everyone globally.

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How to Directly Download Reels?

For users who have received the latest update, downloading Reels directly from the app is a straightforward process. Simply click on the Share button beneath the Reel you want to download. Next to the Copy Link option, you will find the Download button. By clicking on this Download button, you can save the video directly to your device.

However, it’s important to note that according to Adam Mosseri, this download feature is currently limited to videos posted by public accounts. Private accounts won’t have the Download button option.

Can All Videos Be Downloaded?

As per Adam Mosseri’s clarification, only videos posted by public accounts can be downloaded using the direct download feature. Therefore, if you have concerns about others downloading your Reels, you can disable this feature.

If you want to prevent others from downloading your Reels, go to your account settings, navigate to Privacy, and turn off the toggles for Reels and Remixes. This will restrict others from downloading your videos.

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How to Disable This Feature?

To disable this feature, go to your account settings, access Privacy, and turn off the toggles for Reels and Remixes. This action will ensure that others cannot download your Reels using the Download button.

This new update from Instagram is undoubtedly a game-changer, making it more convenient for users to download and enjoy Reels directly within the app.

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Tips for Creating Creative Photos with Your Mobile Phone https://www.techspurblog.com/tips-for-creating-creative-photos-with-your-mobile-phone/ https://www.techspurblog.com/tips-for-creating-creative-photos-with-your-mobile-phone/#respond Fri, 24 Nov 2023 07:55:04 +0000 https://www.techspurblog.com/?p=8678 Capturing beautiful photos is a

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Capturing beautiful photos is a desire shared by many, and while DSLR cameras are often associated with achieving professional-looking shots, today’s mobile phones are equipped with amazing features that can help you capture stunning images. Let’s explore some tricks for capturing creative photos with your Mobile photography to the next level.


The majority of contemporary mobile cameras are equipped with an ‘HDR’ feature, where HDR stands for ‘High Dynamic Range.’ This functionality plays a crucial role in enhancing the sharpness of your photographs. When you activate HDR mode, the camera takes multiple exposures of the identical scene and merges them to reveal intricate details in both shadowed and well-lit areas.

This proves especially beneficial for capturing distant landscapes and objects. Additionally, HDR can enhance the overall equilibrium in photographs captured under demanding lighting circumstances.

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Portrait Mode

Portrait mode is a common feature in many mobile cameras. It works by focusing on the subject and blurring the background, creating a professional-looking depth-of-field effect. When using Portrait mode, the subject appears sharp, while the background is beautifully blurred. This mode is perfect for capturing compelling portraits, emphasizing the subject’s presence.

Burst Mode

For action shots and dynamic scenes, consider using Burst mode. This mode captures a series of rapid shots in quick succession, allowing you to choose the best frame later. Burst mode is particularly handy for sports photography or capturing fast-moving subjects. To use Burst mode, simply press and hold the capture button, and the camera will take a burst of photos.

Grid Lines

Many mobile camera applications have an option to display grid lines on the screen. Grid lines help you adhere to the rule of thirds, a photography principle that suggests aligning key elements along these lines to create a balanced composition. When taking photos, use the grid lines to position your subjects strategically and achieve a visually appealing composition.

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Experiment with Flash

Don’t overlook the capabilities of the camera flash on your mobile phone. Experiment with the flash settings, and consider using it creatively. For example, use the flash as a fill light to illuminate shadows on your subject or create dramatic effects by adjusting the flash intensity. Mastering the use of the flash can significantly enhance your photos in various lighting conditions.

Underwater Photography

If your mobile phone is water-resistant, take advantage of its features by trying underwater photography. Securely encase your phone in a water-resistant cover and explore the creative possibilities of capturing images beneath the surface. Underwater photos can offer a unique perspective and add an element of excitement to your photography repertoire.

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Final Tips

  • Clean your camera lens regularly to ensure clear and sharp photos.
  • Experiment with different resolutions and quality settings in the camera app.
  • Focus on the subject to ensure sharp images.
  • Use the zoom function cautiously, as digital zoom can reduce image quality.
  • Explore third-party camera apps that offer additional features and manual controls.

With the right techniques and a bit of experimentation, your mobile phone can be a powerful tool for creative photography. Embrace the features available, try out different modes, and unleash your artistic vision through your mobile lens. Happy shooting!

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Cracking the Code to Instagram Popularity for Aspiring Influencers https://www.techspurblog.com/cracking-the-code-to-instagram-popularity-for-aspiring-influencers/ https://www.techspurblog.com/cracking-the-code-to-instagram-popularity-for-aspiring-influencers/#respond Fri, 24 Nov 2023 07:41:23 +0000 https://www.techspurblog.com/?p=8675 In the vast landscape of

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In the vast landscape of social media platforms, Instagram stands tall as the reigning champion, with everyone from celebrities to common folks actively engaging in its vibrant community. If you’re aspiring to boost your brand or become an Instagram influencer, here are some essential tips to crack the code and rise to the top.

Choose Your Niche Wisely

Before diving into Instagram stardom, decide which category aligns with your interests and expertise. Whether you’re creating entertaining content or sharing valuable information, clarity on your scope is crucial. Develop a content calendar to ensure consistent posting and alignment with current trends.

Capture Attention with a Catchy Title

As an influencer, your username should be simple yet unique, reflecting your content in a compelling way. It’s your first impression, so make it memorable.

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Ride the Trends

To quickly gain traction, create content around trending topics. Utilize popular hashtags to ensure your posts are discovered. Link your Instagram with other platforms like Facebook and Twitter for broader reach.

Quality over Quantity

Each post should reflect your brand identity and resonate with your audience. High-quality visuals, compelling captions, and a cohesive aesthetic contribute to a polished and professional profile that attracts and retains followers.

Maintain consistency in posting, but never compromise on quality. Engaging visuals and well-crafted captions are essential. Take advantage of Instagram features like reels, stories, polls, and questions to diversify your content.

Collaborate with Fellow Creators

Team up with other content creators to cross-promote each other. Collaborations can introduce you to new audiences and enhance your credibility in the community. Remember that behind every like, comment, or share is a real person. Foster meaningful connections not only with your followers but also with fellow content creators

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Engage Authentically

Building a genuine connection with your followers is key. Respond promptly to comments, conduct live chats, and share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your life. Authenticity breeds loyalty. Building a loyal following goes beyond surface-level interactions.

Genuine engagement involves connecting with your audience on a personal level. Respond thoughtfully to comments, participate in conversations, and make your followers feel valued. Utilize Instagram’s interactive features to encourage feedback, questions, and polls, fostering a sense of community around your profile.

Steer Clear of Fake Strategies

Avoid shortcuts like buying fake followers or using agency-generated engagement. Long-term success comes from real connections and organic growth.

Analyze and Adapt

Regularly analyze your performance metrics. Understand what works and adapt your strategy accordingly. Pay attention to peak posting times and adjust your schedule for optimal engagement.

Educate and Entertain

Whether you’re entertaining your audience or providing valuable information, strike a balance. Your content should be a blend of both, catering to the diverse interests of your followers.

Be Patient and Persistent

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is an Instagram empire. Stay patient, stay persistent, and keep evolving. Consistency and dedication will eventually lead to success.

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The path to mastering Instagram influencer popularity is not merely a quest for likes and followers; it’s a multifaceted journey that demands a strategic approach, a touch of creativity, and, most importantly, authentic engagement. So, as you embark on your Instagram journey, armed with strategic planning, a dash of creativity, and a commitment to authentic engagement, the possibilities are boundless.

Your success as an influencer hinges on your ability to navigate the ever-changing Instagram landscape while staying true to your unique voice and perspective. Go ahead, crack the code, and let your Instagram journey unfold into a narrative of influence, connection, and creative expression.

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MIVI Introduces New Earbuds DuePods A750 with AI-ENC Technology https://www.techspurblog.com/mivi-duepods-a750-with-ai-enc-technology/ https://www.techspurblog.com/mivi-duepods-a750-with-ai-enc-technology/#respond Thu, 23 Nov 2023 08:39:21 +0000 https://www.techspurblog.com/?p=8666 MIVI, the audio products company,

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MIVI, the audio products company, has announced the launch of its latest earbuds, the DuePods A750, equipped with cutting-edge AI-ENC technology. The company revealed that these earbuds will hit the market on November 24, boasting a range of features that set them apart.

The introduction of AI-ENC technology is a significant step forward for MIVI, providing users with an enhanced calling experience. The company seems to be positioning the DuePods A750 as a comprehensive audio solution with a focus on both audio quality and advanced features.

DuePods A750 Notable features

AI-ENC Technology for Clear Calling

The standout feature of these new earbuds is the AI-ENC (Artificial Intelligence-Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology, ensuring a clear calling experience even in noisy environments. MIVI has been at the forefront of introducing innovative features, and the DuePods A750 is no exception, as it comes with additional features that were unveiled before the official launch.

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DuePods A750 Stylish Design and Comfortable Wear

The DuePods A750 earbuds come in an attractive high-end glass finish box with a metallic design, adding to their visual appeal. MIVI has prioritized comfort in the design, making these earbuds not only stylish but also comfortable for extended use.

Bluetooth 5.3 Connectivity for Enhanced Performance

One of the notable features is the Bluetooth 5.3 technology that allows for multi-connectivity. With 13mm speakers, the earbuds deliver rich bass, making them an ideal choice for music enthusiasts. The battery life of over 55 hours, as claimed by MIVI, surpasses many competitors, and the case also features a battery notification light.

Impressive Battery Life and Fast Charging

MIVI emphasizes the fast charging capabilities of the DuePods A750, claiming a playback time of 500 minutes with just a 10-minute charge. However, specific details regarding the pricing of these earbuds are yet to be disclosed by the company.

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MIVI continues to innovate in the audio industry, and the DuePods A750 with AI-ENC technology is expected to make waves in the market with its promising features. As we await the official release on November 24, consumers are eager to experience the blend of technology and design that MIVI has incorporated into these new earbuds.

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PTron MaxPro: A Budget-Friendly Smartwatch with Modern Features! https://www.techspurblog.com/ptron-maxpro-a-budget-friendly-smartwatch/ https://www.techspurblog.com/ptron-maxpro-a-budget-friendly-smartwatch/#respond Thu, 23 Nov 2023 07:47:48 +0000 https://www.techspurblog.com/?p=8663 The global market is witnessing

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The global market is witnessing the surge of smartwatches, and the trend is particularly popular among the youth who are drawn to the prospect of connecting these devices to their smartphones. Responding to the growing demand, various companies are consistently releasing new smartwatches, each offering unique features. Joining this league is the recently launched PTron Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash smartwatches in India. These watches are gaining attention for their attractive design, vibrant color options, and affordable pricing, making them accessible to a wider audience.

Both the Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash come with a price tag of less than INR 1,500, making them competitive in the budget-friendly smartwatch segment. Among the two, the Reflect Flash boasts premium features with its round dial and full-touch display, giving it an appealing look. The watch features a metal case design with zinc and multiple color options, providing users with a variety of choices to match their style.

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On the other hand, the Reflect MaxPro comes with a metal frame design, a functional crown, and additional features. Both watches are equipped with advanced capabilities, including Bluetooth calling, 24×7 health monitoring, sports modes, and a sleep tracker. The Reflect MaxPro, in particular, offers a slew of premium features, such as a round dial, a full-touch display, and a metal case design that adds a touch of sophistication.

Let’s delve into the specifications of the Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash:


The Reflect MaxPro boasts a 2.01-inch curved display with 600 nits peak brightness and a 60Hz refresh rate, while the Reflect Flash features a 1.32-inch full-touch curved display.


The Reflect MaxPro comes with a functional crown and a metal frame, providing a premium feel. On the other hand, the Reflect Flash features a full metal case with a flexible TPU strap.

Battery Life

Both watches offer a battery life of up to 15 days on standby, with a full charge taking approximately 3 hours for the Reflect MaxPro and up to 10 days for the Reflect Flash.

Other Features

Both smartwatches include Bluetooth calling, 24/7 health monitoring, sports modes, sleep trackers, and support for more than 100 watch faces. Additionally, they are compatible with popular social media apps like LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, providing notifications directly to the wrist.

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The PTron Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash smartwatches bring a blend of style and functionality to the affordable smartwatch market. With their attractive designs, vibrant color options, and a range of features, these watches cater to the diverse preferences of users.

Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option with essential features or a more premium device with advanced capabilities, PTron has something to offer for everyone. Stay connected, stay stylish, and stay on top of your health with the PTron Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash smartwatches!

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Tecno Spark Go 2024: Unveiling a Powerful Device with a Massive Battery https://www.techspurblog.com/tecno-spark-go-2024/ https://www.techspurblog.com/tecno-spark-go-2024/#respond Thu, 23 Nov 2023 06:35:00 +0000 https://www.techspurblog.com/?p=8658 Tecno, the renowned smartphone manufacturer,

The post Tecno Spark Go 2024: Unveiling a Powerful Device with a Massive Battery appeared first on Tech Spur Blog.

Tecno, the renowned smartphone manufacturer, has recently launched its latest offering, the Tecno Spark Go 2024. Packed with impressive features, this phone is making waves in the tech world. But what sets it apart, and what is the price tag attached to its capabilities?

Launching in Malaysia and the Philippines: The Tecno Spark Go 2024 made its debut in Malaysia and the Philippines. The company proudly presented this new addition on its official website, showcasing the specifications of the device.

Upgraded Version of 2023 Model

This year marks the upgrade of the Tecno Spark Go 2023, which entered the market in January. The 2023 model boasted a quad-core MediaTek Helio E22 SoC, 10W wired charging support, and a hefty 5,000mAh battery. The 2024 model maintains the same battery capacity but introduces a unified battery and charging specification. It comes with the UniSoC T606 chipset. The handset is available in a total of four color options.

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Pricing Details of Tecno Spark Go 2024

Available in Alpenglow Gold, Gravity Black, Magic Skin, and Mystery White color options, the Tecno Spark Go 2024 comes in a 4GB RAM + 128GB storage variant, priced at RM 399 (approximately Rs. 7,200) in Malaysia. In the Philippines, the same variant is priced at PHP 3,899 (approximately Rs. 5,900). Additionally, there is an introductory offer in the Philippines starting from November 20, with a starting price of PHP 2,519 (approximately Rs. 3,800) valid until November 25.

Key Specifications and Features

The Tecno Spark Go 2024 features a 6.6-inch HD+ display with a resolution of 1612 x 720 pixels, a 90Hz refresh rate, and the dynamic port feature. The dynamic port animation, inspired by Apple’s dynamic island, enhances the visual appeal of the screen. Under the hood, it is powered by the UniSoC T606 SoC with Mali-G57 GPU, coupled with 4GB of RAM (expandable up to 8GB) and 128GB of internal storage, expandable up to 1TB via microSD card. The phone runs on the Android Go edition OS.

Optics and Battery

In the optics department, the Tecno Spark Go 2024 boasts a 13MP primary rear camera. On the front display, an 8MP sensor is housed in a center-aligned hole-punch cutout. The phone is equipped with a 5,000mAh battery that supports 10W wired charging and features a USB Type-C port. Additionally, it comes with side-mounted fingerprint sensor support for added security. The device supports dual SIM, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity options. The handset’s dimensions measure 163.69mm x 75.6mm x 8.55mm.

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The Tecno Spark Go 2024 seems to be a promising device, offering a blend of powerful features and an affordable price point. With its stunning design, robust battery, and impressive specifications, it is likely to capture the attention of budget-conscious consumers in the smartphone market

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OnePlus AI Music Studio: Creating AI-Powered Music Videos in a Snap! https://www.techspurblog.com/oneplus-ai-music-studio-creating-ai-powered-music/ https://www.techspurblog.com/oneplus-ai-music-studio-creating-ai-powered-music/#respond Wed, 22 Nov 2023 08:28:00 +0000 https://www.techspurblog.com/?p=8646 OnePlus, the prominent Chinese mobile

The post OnePlus AI Music Studio: Creating AI-Powered Music Videos in a Snap! appeared first on Tech Spur Blog.

OnePlus, the prominent Chinese mobile company, has introduced the new OnePlus AI Music Studio, a tool designed for music enthusiasts. This innovative tool empowers users to effortlessly create music videos without the need for any musical expertise.

The OnePlusAI Music Studio leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to generate beats and create music videos. Users can not only download the created music but also participate in contests organized by OnePlus.

What is OnePlus AI Music Studio?

The OnePlusAI Music Studio is an artificial intelligence-powered music platform recently launched by OnePlus. It serves as a hub for AI-generated music with simple lyrics and beats, allowing users to create engaging music videos effortlessly.

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How to Use OnePlus AI Music Studio?

Using the OnePlusAI Music Studio is a straightforward process. First, users need to create an account by visiting aimusicstudio.oneplus.in. Click on “Sign In,” enter your mobile number, and complete the sign-in process with the OTP sent to your phone.

If you don’t have an account, you can click on “Sign Up” to create one. After clicking on “Sign Up,” you’ll be directed to a new page where you need to provide your name and email address. An OTP will be sent to the provided email address, and entering it will complete the account creation process.

Creating Music with OnePlus AI Music Studio:

Once logged in, users can proceed to create music by selecting genres, moods, and themes they prefer. Input your lyrics in the prompted box, and click on the “Proceed” button. The AI will then generate lyrics based on your choices.

If you’re satisfied with the generated lyrics, click on the “Proceed” button again, and your music video will be ready with the message, “Generated Lyrics based on your choices.”

If the generated lyrics suit your preferences, clicking on the “Proceed” button will make your music video ready for publishing. Users can publish and download their creations and even participate in contests organized by OnePlus.

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The OnePlus AI Music Studio brings the power of artificial intelligence to music creation, allowing users to explore their musical creativity without any prior expertise. It’s a user-friendly tool that opens up new possibilities for music enthusiasts to express themselves through engaging and personalized music videos.

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Instagram Introduces New Feature: Read Receipts in Direct Messages https://www.techspurblog.com/instagram-introduces-new-feature-read-receipts-in-direct-messages/ https://www.techspurblog.com/instagram-introduces-new-feature-read-receipts-in-direct-messages/#respond Wed, 22 Nov 2023 08:21:17 +0000 https://www.techspurblog.com/?p=8642 Instagram, the leading platform for

The post Instagram Introduces New Feature: Read Receipts in Direct Messages appeared first on Tech Spur Blog.

Instagram, the leading platform for photo and video sharing, continues to enhance user experience with new features. In an effort to compete with other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram is now introducing a feature that allows users to disable read receipts in direct messages (DMs).

As part of this initiative, a new feature is being rolled out that enables users to turn off read receipts in direct messages. Read receipts inform the sender whether the recipient has viewed the message or not. Let’s delve into how this upcoming feature works and its potential benefits.

How it Works:

Currently, there is no option available in the Instagram settings to disable read receipts. However, with the upcoming feature, users will have the ability to turn off read receipts specifically in DMs. This means that the sender will not be able to see if the recipient has read their message.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta (Instagram’s parent company), announced this feature on the Instagram channel, referring to it as an experiment that will soon be available on the platform. Many users have been requesting this feature for a long time, and the decision to introduce it was confirmed by Adam Mosseri, the Chief of Instagram.

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Adam Mosseri explained how this feature works. Users can access the option to turn off read receipts either through DM settings or the “Privacy & Safety Menu.” Screenshots shared by Mosseri also reveal that they have shared this feature along with instructions on how to use it.

Once read receipts are disabled, the sender will not be notified when the recipient views their message. Some users find this useful to maintain the privacy of their conversations. It’s worth noting that even with read receipts off, users can still reply to messages, and the heart reaction option remains available, allowing for engagement without revealing whether the message has been read.

Testing Phase:

While the exact release date for this feature remains undisclosed, Zuckerberg mentioned that it is currently in the testing phase. During testing, if a user opts for the vanish mode, the messages they receive may disappear after viewing. This adds an element of mystery, as the recipient may not be aware that the messages have vanished. Instagram aims to enhance user control and privacy with this feature.

Lyrics for Instagram Reels:

In addition to the read receipts feature, Instagram is also introducing a new option for adding song lyrics to Instagram Reels. Users can now edit their Reels, select a song, choose specific lyrics, and adjust the lyrics’ position on the screen. This feature enhances the creative possibilities for users to make their Reels more engaging and entertaining.

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Instagram’s introduction of read receipts in DMs and the lyrics feature for Reels reflects the platform’s commitment to providing a dynamic and user-friendly experience. As users eagerly await these updates, Instagram continues to solidify its position as a leading social media platform

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The Surging Interest of Top Tech Companies in the Electric Vehicle Industry https://www.techspurblog.com/interest-of-top-tech-companies-in-the-electric-vehicle-industry/ https://www.techspurblog.com/interest-of-top-tech-companies-in-the-electric-vehicle-industry/#respond Tue, 21 Nov 2023 08:19:10 +0000 https://www.techspurblog.com/?p=8632 The electric vehicle (EV) industry

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The electric vehicle (EV) industry is witnessing a surge in interest from major tech companies, with advancements in technology and specifications shaping the future of the automotive sector. This article explores the recent developments and initiatives of leading companies in the EV segment.

Sony and Honda Partnership

Japanese tech giants Sony and Honda have entered into a partnership to make significant strides in the EV segment. Both companies are set to release electric cars featuring cutting-edge designs and advanced technologies. Sony, known for its expertise in entertainment, virtual reality, and augmented reality systems, is venturing into the EV market with a focus on providing unique features and experiences.

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MicroMax’s Entry into Electric Two-Wheelers

Indian smartphone brand Micromax is gearing up to make its mark in the EV segment, particularly in electric two-wheelers. With plans to establish an office space in Gurugram for a new project, the company aims to leverage its experience in developing voice control and assisted driving technologies for smartphones to create innovative electric scooters.

Xiaomi’s Electric Vehicle Series SU7

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has unveiled its first EV series, SU7, comprising three models – SU7, SU7 Pro, and SU7 Max. These vehicles come equipped with rear-wheel drive (RWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) options, featuring powerful motors and advanced technology. Xiaomi’s entry into the EV market signals a significant move by the company to compete with other players.

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Apple’s Project Titan

In its groundbreaking initiative, Apple, under ‘Project Titan,’ has ventured into various automotive projects, encompassing diverse aspects related to cars and technology. This project categorizes into two main segments: self-driving vehicle systems and car design.

Since the inception of this secret project, Apple has continuously pushed the boundaries of its technology, particularly focusing on fully autonomous vehicles that require minimal or no human input. Apple has once again shifted its focus towards redefining car manufacturing, signaling fresh developments in its innovative pursuit.

Ola Electric’s Success in the Electric Scooter Segment

Ola Electric has emerged as a major player in the electric scooter market, having sold over 240,000 electric scooters to date. The company’s significant success in this segment marks a substantial achievement, with its products gaining widespread popularity.

Ola Electric has demonstrated prowess in this market, showcasing its ability to capture a substantial share and make a mark in the electric scooter industry.

Ola Electric’s Foray into Electric Cars

With its sights set on further milestones, Ola Electric has expanded its goals to include the manufacturing of electric cars. CEO Bhavish Aggarwal revealed a teaser for Ola Electric’s EV in January 2022, hinting at the company’s ambitious plans in the electric car space.

Leaked details later in the year suggested a coupe-like sedan with a Tesla-like roofline. The model is expected to launch in 2024, further solidifying Ola Electric’s commitment to sustainable and innovative transportation solutions

Huawei: Aiming for the Electric Vehicle Market

Huawei, a prominent player in the technology sector, has set its sights on the electric vehicle market. In addition to developing electric cars, the company is incorporating advanced operating systems and assisted driving technologies to establish itself as a key player in the rapidly evolving automotive industry.

Despite facing challenges, particularly in the context of the US-China trade war, Huawei remains determined to enter the electric vehicle market. The company’s interest in electric vehicles is part of a broader strategy to diversify its offerings and venture into new and innovative sectors.

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Conclusion: The Future of Electric Vehicles Looks Bright

The landscape of the automotive industry is undergoing a profound transformation, with electric vehicles at the forefront of this change. Major technology companies are entering the electric vehicle market, bringing innovation, advanced technologies, and intense competition. From established players like Sony, Honda, and Xiaomi to newer entrants like Micromax and Ola Electric, each company is contributing to the growing momentum of electric vehicles.

As we look ahead, the electric vehicle market is poised for significant growth and development. Technological advancements, increased environmental awareness, and a shift towards sustainable transportation solutions are driving the adoption of electric vehicles globally. The coming years are likely to witness further expansion, with more players entering the market and a continued focus on enhancing electric vehicle technology.

In this era of change, consumers can anticipate a diverse range of electric vehicles with cutting-edge features, improved performance, and a more sustainable impact on the environment. The future of transportation is electric, and these tech-driven companies are leading the way towards a cleaner, greener, and more innovative automotive landscape.

As we witness the convergence of technology and transportation, the electric vehicle industry is set to revolutionize the way we move, offering not just efficient and eco-friendly alternatives but also showcasing the fusion of tech prowess and automotive excellence. The road ahead is charged with possibilities, and the electric vehicle revolution is paving the way for a cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable future.

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Unleashing the Magic: Editing Photos with Google’s Magic Eraser https://www.techspurblog.com/unleashing-the-magic-editing-photos-with-googles-magic-eraser/ https://www.techspurblog.com/unleashing-the-magic-editing-photos-with-googles-magic-eraser/#respond Tue, 21 Nov 2023 07:01:52 +0000 https://www.techspurblog.com/?p=8630 In the world of cinematic

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In the world of cinematic photo editing, the magic lies in video and audio manipulation. Have you ever wondered about the magic behind it all? Well, let’s unravel the mystery and explore the enchanting world of Google’s Magic Eraser feature in Google Photos.

How to Use Magic Eraser in Google Photos

Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, cinematic photo editing is now at your fingertips. Google’s Magic Eraser feature allows you to edit photos effortlessly, without the need for a Pixel phone. Let’s delve into the steps to unlock the magic.

Magic Eraser in Action

Google’s Magic Eraser is a powerful tool for both photo and video editors. While it’s exclusively available for Google Pixel users, fear not! You can now use this special Magic Eraser tool on your Android or iPhone for free during the trial period. Let’s discover how.

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Super Photography Features

Introduced in 2021, Google Pixel’s Magic Eraser feature became an instant hit. It enables users to automatically remove unnecessary objects, people, or items from photos. But wait, there’s more! You can also use this feature to eliminate unwanted elements from photos or videos, making it a super handy photography tool.

Camouflage Feature

Magic Eraser doesn’t stop at object removal; it also offers a Camouflage function. This feature lets you change the color of a particular object in a photo, synchronizing it with the background color. It’s an excellent tool for seamlessly blending objects into the desired background.

Steps to Use Magic Eraser in Google Photos:

  1. Open the Google Photos application on your mobile phone.
  2. Select the photo you want to edit.
  3. Click on the Edit button at the bottom of the screen, then choose the Magic Eraser option in the Tools category.
  4. Scan the entire photo, select the unwanted objects, and either erase them individually or use the “Erase All” option.
  5. If you want to sync the color of the object with the background, choose the Camouflage option.

Note: The Magic Eraser tool is accessible for Google One subscribers. Take advantage of Google’s free trial offer to explore this feature. After the trial period, a determined subscription amount must be paid to continue using the feature.

Cinematic Photography Feature

For those with a good budget and the latest Google Pixel phone, the Magic Eraser tool is a must-try. It goes beyond content creators’ expectations, making it a valuable asset for cinematic photo, video, and audio editing. The versatility of this tool is unparalleled, making it a favorite among content creators.

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Google’s Magic Eraser feature in Google Photos opens up a world of possibilities for photo editing. Whether you’re a casual user or a content creator, this tool proves to be a game-changer in the realm of photography. Embrace the magic and let your creativity soar!

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